A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
-Marcus Garvey


Discover Montebello's past. Who was Dona Lobo? Who built the Adobe? What was Montebello formally known as?


Explore Monetebello's past from the Tongva to the city's recent history. Explore the historical Adobe which stands today as Montebello'soldest structure


Connect with the Montebello Historical Society and participate in local events. We are also open from 12-4 every Sunday. Free Admisson!

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Adobe Museum

Welcome to the Montebello Historical Society. We cordially invite everyone to visit the Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe, Historic Site and Museum, located on the site of the oldest residence in Montebello. The Adobe was built in 1844 about one mile from the site of the first San Gabriel Mission and was part of the 2,363-acre Rancho La Merced.

We are also working on new memorabilia for the Juan Sanchez room which showcases architecture of the mid-1800's with furnished rooms from the time period, Sanchez family artifacts, along with historical photos of the City.

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